Tom Coombs

Editor-in-Chief  and Reveiwer

Tom has been the head of Genius Babble Music since the start and is the main reviewer and GBM's Editor-in-Chief.
With a back ground of music from being an artist himself to event planning, music agent and act manager he has always been involved in the world of music in some form or another. He is a Freelance Copywriter, Blogger, YouTuber at T W Coombs Esq. Copywriting

The Contributers

Recruiting soon

Would like to become a member of the Genius Babble Music Contributers or main team member, we are always looking for people who love music and want to write about it.  For more details CLICK HERE!

Steve Clyde


Steve is a Freelance writer/video editor from Mississppi in the USA and is currently based at an undisclosed location in London.
With a background in film whilst working across American he always found a place he could absorb the local music scene.  He is a lover of Blues, Folk and Reggae but is also at home at a Jazz club "the smokier the better".

Steve likes being behind the scenes but he has taken a few years off his avatar

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