About The Genius Babble

By T W Coombs esq. Editor-in-Chief at GBM
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Our Mission is to bring new music to your ears from great artists you have never heard of from every place in the world. All must be heard, all must have their time in the spot light as Genius Babble Music conquer the world with sound.

The name GeniusBabble came from an online magazine for film, fashion and whatever else could be put on, but not very regulary, then became an agent and promotion company. Neither of which really took off on any grand scale. Then a idea hit and why not combine magazine and only music and give our opionion.

Genius Babble Music started in 2013 in the most common of story beginnings in a bar after much drinking and it started with a logo, a great logo and a discussion on whether the Beetles were really all that. Kent and London it seemed was where everything would happen.  And Genius Babble Music became the place to start.

Not to say there wasn't a contstant thought that something was missing.  Even though a lot of music comes from Kent and London, GBM couldn't help but start looking elsewhere, globally.  "What are we doing tonight? The same thing we do every night, try and take over the world".  Famous words from two cartoon mice but it has become the main part of the company statement for Genius Babble Music (see above) and strives us forward to do everything we can. We are just lovers of music and want to share it with  everyone. In 2018 we going to be growing and spreading the word across the world with campaigns and recruitment.

So what makes us unique?

We don't care whether you are rich and famous or that bloke or gal from the pub last night.  If you release music we want to hear it and we will let you know what we think.  We are not biased we are not scared to tell the truth.  But also we are not restrained by borders, whether a country or a musical genre, we are worldwide and we are free to say and listen to whatever we want. So if you are a PR company or an Artist get in touch, we want to hear from you because we are here to listen to what you have and exist to help spread the sounds to everyone.